Sant Dnyaneshwar Shikshan Sanstha's

Annasaheb Dange College of D Pharmacy, Ashta

Approved By AICTE, PCI, New Delhi, Govt. of Maharashtra,
Affiliated To Maharashtra State Board Of Technical Education, Mumbai

Student Mentoring Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation Mobile No.
01 Prof.Desai S.A.
Principal ADCDP Ashta
Chairman 9673013737
02 Mrs. Sankpal S.T.
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
Member secretary 8600919386
03 Mr. Nargatti P. I.
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
Member 7709884468
04 Mr.Dange Y. D.
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
Member 9834524848
05 Mrs. Admuthe J.A.
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
Member 9595461008
06 Mr.Magdum A. S.
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
Member 9860823120
07 Ms.Patil A. C.
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
Member 8459983027
08 Miss. Sapate V.B.
( S.Y. D pharm)
Student representative 7218620749
09 Mr. Desawale S. J.
( S.Y. D pharm)
Student representative 8928720770
10 -
( F.Y. D pharm)
Student representative  
11 -
( F.Y. D pharm)
Student representative  

Mechanism of Student Mentoring Committee

In the context of education in the ADCBP College, mentoring may be recognized as a strategy required by the students to achieve learning goals with emotional and instrumental support. Thus, the student mentorship programme will incorporate the support of faculty members as “Mentors” to all the students in the college. Each student shall be assigned a “Mentor” to overcome their difficulty to achieve the goals desired by them in their academic career. The student should have knowledge and skills related to his/her work and as a good citizen. The atmosphere of trust and confidence in the campus creates an ideal environment for holistic development of the students.

Objectives of Student Mentoring Committee

  • To provide support and guidance on teaching and mentoring of students.
  • To support the professional advancement of the mentees by relaying experiences and knowledge of mentors in the key performance areas of teaching, and support service.
  • To solve their psychosocial issues of the mentees in time to avoid things deteriorate further.
  • To build the relationship between mentees to interact with mentor with a free environment and this will be helpful to solve their issues.
  • To help and develop key talent in mentees by encouraging them to participate in career development program, Training program, various extracurricular activities and Pharmacy technical competitions.

Roles and Responsibilities of Student Mentoring Committee

  • Mentor should develop a strong connection between the students and the faculty.
  • Mentor should gain full confidence of students through their cooperative & kind behavior so that students will freely discuss their problems & difficulties.
  • Mentor should call to respective parents for verification of address, phone no. and e-mail etc.
  • Mentor should take help of parents in analyzing the student’s academic history & understanding about self-evaluation.
  • During student’s meeting, try to figure-out any of following problems / difficulties with the students.
  • Mentor is expected to inform to the subject teacher regarding student treatment.