Sant Dnyaneshwar Shikshan Sanstha's

Annasaheb Dange College of D Pharmacy, Ashta

Approved By AICTE, PCI, New Delhi, Govt. of Maharashtra,
Affiliated To Maharashtra State Board Of Technical Education, Mumbai

About Department

Pharmacognosy is one of the branch of pharmacy as well as a medical science which is originated from ancient science. Pharmacognosy is broadly covers the scientific and systematic study of structural, physical, chemical and biological characteristics of crude drugs. It also deals with their history, method of cultivation, collection and preparation of crude drugs for the market which is obtained from natural, animal and mineral sources.

Students gain the skill to identify as well as discriminate the types of crude drugs with their adulteration. Students also able to learn extraction and purification of phytoconstituents obtained from different sources. This department also provides the adequate facilities for the extraction of phytoconstituents from crude drugs.

Salient Features of Department

  • Histological study of crude drugs with provision of additional facilities.
  • Facilities for extraction of crude drugs.
  • Facilities for evaluation of crude drugs.