Sant Dnyaneshwar Shikshan Sanstha's

Annasaheb Dange College of D Pharmacy, Ashta

Approved By AICTE, PCI, New Delhi, Govt. of Maharashtra,
Affiliated To Maharashtra State Board Of Technical Education, Mumbai

Guardian Teacher Scheme

About the scheme:

Guardian Teacher Scheme is accepted widely as a part of the teaching-learning process especially in Higher Educational Institutions. The central idea is that the students who come from rural, agricultural, and uneducated family backgrounds to pursue their higher studies or technical education need parent-like support, advice and, counseling not only in the curricular aspects but also to make them confident and to be tuned to the new environment and make them not-to-feel nervous or inferior in any aspect.

Under this scheme 1 teacher mentor is appointed for a group of 20 students (mentees). The prime foci of scheme are to inculcate punctuality, discipline, professional/ skill developments among students.

This scheme aims to identify the potential & interests of mentees and guiding them accordingly towards active participation in co-curricular, extra- curricular & inter college participations. This scheme makes the students to adapt the new environment and academic schedule, to understand the needs of curriculum, to develop healthy interpersonal relationship and also for personality development.

This scheme helps to keep the parents informed about the attendance and performance of their wards from time to time and guiding the students to choose right career paths for jobs, higher studies, entrepreneurship etc, is the prime motto.


  • To monitor the students’ regularity and performance in each subject
  • To motivate the students and develop confidence to take up challenging tasks in their lives and help the society in nation building.
  • To counsel students for solving their problems/ traits and boost confidence to improve their quality of life.
  • To ensure that the parents/ guardian know about the performance and regularity of their wards.
  • To give students to choose right career path for job, higher studies, entrepreneurship, etc based on their interests.

Mentoring cell (2020-21):

Sr. No. Name of Member Designation
1. Prof S A Desai
Principal ADCDP Ashta
2. Ms S T Jadhav
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
Member Secretary
3. Mr P I Nargatti
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
4. Mr Y D Dange
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
5. Mrs J A Admuthe
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
6. Ms R S Dhole
Assistant professor ADCDP Ashta
7. Mr. O A Meher
(S Y D Pharm)
Student representative
8. Mr. K V Pujari
(F Y D Pharm)
Student representative